Saturday, August 17, 2013

I dropped the ball...

I was doing great with my August daily posts...until yesterday.  I have lots of excuses but you don't want to hear them so I'll not tell them.  I'm up early this morning getting my coffee fix while nourshing my body with a bowl of oatmeal ( adding honey and peanut butter).  My sweetie is ready to go because we're headed out to our favorite flea market this morning.  It's probably the biggest outdoor flea market in Alabama.

Oops,  gotta run!


  1. Have fun at the flea market! There isn't a daily post policeman, making sure you feel bad if you don't post. Smile. We're all about grace here in blog land! (BIG HUG!)

  2. Sherry, your last post was so great and thoughtful I thought it should be up another day! I'm excited thinking about your fun morning at the outdoor flea market! I hope you find a very special treasure! Enjoy your day! Twyla


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