Thursday, August 1, 2013


Well, here she is!
Looking for all the world like she's wearing a party dress
She's my new grocery shopping companion.
And I think she's going to be quite the work horse and hold up really well.
Her sturdy canvas will stand many, many washings staying a lot cleaner than my nasty plastic bags could ever stay.
I got her free pattern from and they gave her the name of Charlie.
I'm not sure she looks like a Charlie.
I deviated a little from their instructions so I need to write down how I made her so that I can make her a twin.  She held a lot of groceries but I need one or two more so they can share the load.
Step 1
Print up the pattern and cut out front/back on fold.

Step 2
Turn curved edges under twice and stitch hem in place.

The pieces look kind of like a tank top at this point. :)

Step 4 (pictureless)
Right sides together, sew handles together.
Note to self:  Don't use flat-felled seam next time.  Too bulky!
Step 5 (also pictureless)
Right sides together, sew side seams and straight across bottom.
Step 6
Turn bag inside-out. Pinch bottom corner of bag to create a triangle.
(The side seam and the bottom seam should be aligned.)
Sew across corners.
(If I'd known I was going to go public with this picture, I would have used a ruler.  But bye, bye, perfectionist, hello someone that actually gets things done!)
Step 7
Hang her up and step back and admire your work.
Pat yourself on the back and say,
"Go Me!"

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  1. That bag is so cute it might even make grocery shopping fun! Angela

  2. Well done, Sherry! Way to go!
    I MIGHT clean out my car today and make sure the nasty bags are in it and that MIGHT motivate me to make a bag or two! YOUR bag is so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is one gorgeous bag:) You are gonna make all of the other shoppers want one! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Great tutorial, Sherry! Your bag is beautiful and is sure to inspire other shoppers. I just realized it is August! I better sign up today! Have a nice day! Twyla

  5. You did it! And your bag is beautiful! She's going to make you the cutest shopper at the store :)

  6. Love the bag and I love you! You are always so fresh and pretty, like a springtime morning. I made it to my blog.

  7. Lovely crafting and yes that is a very summery bag :)

  8. I think I will make my bag tonight. Go me and Go You for inspiring me! Thanks again!


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