Sunday, September 22, 2013

So that's how love works!

Over the years I've heard many, many wonderful ladies talk about how they love their grandbabies just as much they do their own children, and I would think, "How can that be? I could never love another child as much as I love my very own precious children."
But this little sunflower came along a year ago and proved me wrong.
That's Papa Neil peeking around Hannah.

 My heart just melts when she smiles at me.

And now, I have even more proof of that grandma love.
Meet my second grandchild,
Noah Paul
born September 12, just four days after big sister Hannah's 1st birthday.
Oh, and the lady with the beautiful smile holding Noah?
That's my precious daughter, Heather.
The love just keeps growing.


  1. Grands are GRAND! I love those baby faces!

  2. What precious blessings for you! I'm expecting my first granddaughter in Feb. and looking forward that those special times.

  3. I wondered were you were! Your grandbabies are lovely :) I don't have any myself (yet).


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