Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dreaming in Full Color

Like always, when winter comes knocking on my door I'm ready to brighten up our home for hibernation.  I'm thinking of doing that with a new quilt for our bed this year.

I thought about making one similar to the table cover I made a couple of years ago, just a little bigger.
When I walk into my breakfast room the bright colors always make me happy.
I love piecing quilt tops BUT here's a little secret,
 I don't really like to quilt.

I've saved this tutorial on my Pinterest board for months now. 

I could quilt the pieces (on the machine) as I go and when the top is finished, the work is done.
And goodness knows, I've got tons of pretty cotton scraps just waiting around to be made into something useful and cheery.


  1. I love quilts! My Mama was a quilter and I enjoy the memories of that huge quilt frame in our Family living room:) Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

  2. What a cheery Log Cabin quilt you made for your table. Makes me wish I had learned to sew but I don't have the gift. I took various sewing courses through the years but they didn't make a seamstress out of me! The rag quilt looks lovely too, in its own way. Happy planning.

  3. This sounds interesting project

  4. OMGosh! The colors you're using are so GORGEOUS! Keep at it lady ~ it's going to be spectacular:)

  5. I've never quilted a stitch in my life, but I can sure see the ease of the rag quilt! Your table cover is beautiful (and very happy!) and I can just imagine a bed covered with something similar!
    So glad you stopped by my blog.... good luck with your scarf! (When I cross stitch, I use a magnifier that fits on my hoop or I'd never see the chart!!)

  6. I love those quilts they are in my favorite color, pink!!! Have a great week, Laura


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