Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just a Busy Little Bee

The sun is just beginning to peek through the trees in our backyard this morning as I'm out hanging out my first load of laundry.

I wanted to get an early start for my busy day.
My laundry is now finished.
I've watered my garden.
I've taken my early morning walk.
I've got a little time to enjoy the outside beauty before beginning my inside chores.

The Blackeyed Susans are cheering me on as I check off my To-Do list.

One in particular teaches me a lesson as I pause to snap its picture.
It seems to ask me the question, "Do you have to be perfect to bring beauty into the lives of others?"

I spread out my newly completed Log Cabin quilt table topper.

Another cheery spot to my morning.

Looking around for a special centerpiece for the table, I spy my gardenia bush right outside my breakfast room window and it's covered with heavenly scented white blooms!


The reason I've got such a long To-Do list today is because sweet hubby and I are heading out on an anniversary celebration trip!

Nothing But Country


  1. That is soooo pretty. I really like all of the pinks. I love how they go together! And I am extremely envious of your gardenias! Growing outside! Ugh. We can't have them growing outside here in New England. Great color selection on that quilt!!

  2. Love the peek in your back yard The quilt is beautiful!

  3. very colorful, and i can smell the laundry and the jasmine flowers. haha!

  4. Have a fabulous trip!

  5. Oh my you were very productive this morning!! Love your flowers. Have a great trip.

  6. Fabulastic , beautiful cheery, gorgeous quilt
    Happy anniversary and have fun!

    I love Gardenia

  7. I like the "lesson"! Happy Anny, have a great trip:@)

  8. Oh how pretty! You are so lucky to be able to grow gardenias. They are just annuals here. The most wonderful smell ever!

  9. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

  10. What a great summer quilt. Happy anniversary!

  11. What a lovely post. I hope you and your husband enjoy your anniversary trip!

  12. Love your pics! The quilt is wondrful!


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