Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yikes ~ I turned my hair RED!!!

So what do I have in common with this cute little Smoke Tree in my front yard?

Both of our crowning glories turned RED lately!
I like hers much better than mine though.

I finally got up the nerve to put some color on my hair for the first time ever!
I wanted to use a more natural route so I bought this from Sally's Beauty Supply,
Reshma Henna.

I chose Natural Chestnut since I thought it was the closest to my own hair color.
You see, I didn't want to change my hair color, I just wanted to cover my silver strands.

Well, I did cover the silver,
with RED!
This is Monday, one day after my henna experience.
It kind of reminded me of a childhood dream of mine, to have hair like one of my favorite tv stars.

But that was a dream that I left behind many years ago.
I was very surprised with my new hair color and it wasn't a happy surprise.
So what to do?
Google How to fade henna.
I won't go into all the details but one treatment included the items below:
distilled water, raw honey, cinnamon, VO5 Kiwi Lime Conditioner.

Mixed up, it looked like a mess, but on the bright side it did smell nice.
Yes, I actually put that on my hair, TWICE!

I couldn't tell if it lightened the reds at all, so I tried some other things that I won't go into detail about but will say that one included Dawn dishwashing poor hair!
I kept running across the idea of lightening colored hair with crushed vitamin C tablets mixed with shampoo.
So, did I try that?
Sure, I was desperate.
Here's the results after the first try.
I think the red was a little more subtle.

And here's this morning, after my third treatment.
The sun was barely awake (as was I) when my son snapped this picture for me, but believe me when I say that the Vitamin C treatment really made a difference!
I even read where some ladies have taken off layers of old permanent dye with this.
The good thing is, it didn't uncover my silver strands, but I've decided that I can live with them when they do make their reappearance.  They weren't that bad after all. :)
Now if I can just grow out this short, short haircut...I'm never satisfied, am I?
P.S. If you're interested in the Vitamin C process to lighten colored hair just Google:  How to Lighten Dyed Hair with Vitamin C.
Oh, and good luck!


  1. Oh dear! I can just imagine your surprise. Actually the red looked kind of neat but if it wasn't what you were expecting then.... I have never coloured my hair but I have gotten haircuts that were WAY shorter than what I asked for. Luckily hair grows. Meanwhile it's best to pretend you always wanted them that way. LOL

  2. Hi Sherry! My hair turns read easily but I've never used henna- just regular dyes.
    I found that any color job you don't like look better after a couple washes.


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