Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I loved this movie!

Mrs. Washington
goes to

We got this through Netflix and watched it last night.
Loved it!
It was funny and CLEAN!
Here's the blurb from Netflix:
When straitlaced recent divorcée Alice Washington (Cybill Shepherd) returns to Smith College to complete the coursework she began years before, her plans for a dignified college career vanish when she meets her wild child roommate, Zoe (Corri English). With Zoe's help, Alice learns to loosen up, but she may go too far when she ponders a verboten relationship with her poetry professor (Jeffrey Nordling).
I better let you know though,  I think I liked it a lot better than hubby and he usually likes everything.
Have you seen it?
What did you think about it?


  1. I'll have to watch it, Sherry! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. HI Sherry..
    oh haven't seen that movie..
    thanks on the weight loss and the house clean out (:)

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Miss your posts! Angela


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