Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why I haven't been blogging much and how I hope to remedy that

Whew, quite a long title, huh? 

I've been missing blogging so much but for several reasons, just can't seem to get started back regularly.
I've decided to list those reasons and do what I need to do to get past them and back to blogging, because I miss my blogging friends so much!

Reasons for not blogging regularly:
  1. extremely slooooooow internet service (shame on you AT&T)
  2. takes too long to find the "perfect" graphics for my posts
  3. feel like my mundane life to too boring for anyone to really want to read about
  4. lastly; guilt because I don't get around to visiting everyone else's blog that visits mine
So, here's the plan:
  1. open only one browser window at a time (when possible) while making my posts
  2. forget about perfectionism, it stagnates creativity in too many areas of my life
  3. go back to my original purpose for blogging; more of a diary for me that I enjoy sharing with others
  4. return blog visits when I can, but leave a reply in my blog's comment section when someone honors me with a comment
I truly think I can get back to blogging if I stick to this plan.
I'm printing it out right now so that I won't forget and slip back into my "perfectionisms."

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I hope you'll come back often!  



  1. I have a suggestion for a post. Maybe you could do a sort of introductory post, reminding us of who you are. Stuff like how many children and grandchildren you have, are any still living at home. Tell us all about Maggie, your sweet dog. Show us your garden. Tell us about hobbies.

    I loved the Japanese paint-by-number you did some years back with all the pink so much that's it been on my Amazon wishlist ever since.

    1. Thanks Dawn for the great suggestions. You'll soon see some of your ideas showing up in my posts...today even!

      I can't believe you remember Maggie's name and also that paint-by-number from so long ago! I hope you get yours soon, I had so much fun painting mine!

    2. Maggie is about the sweetest looking dog I've ever seen. I'd be happy if all you did was post pictures of her. haha

      Your post on your homemade deodorant in the pretty container got me to stop the commercial deodorant by trying yours.

      I love the post you did on your skirts with the photo of them all hanging on the line, looking so pretty and colorful. Is that odd? haha

      And I bookmarked your recipes for the apple butter and the apple jelly with red hots. One of these days I will actually make them.

    3. I'm so glad my blog has been a help to you, Dawn. I still make my own deodorant and I'm still wearing most of those skirts. I don't think it's odd at all that you liked the picture of them on the clothesline. Clotheslines always give me a warm, homey feeling. It's probably because I spent so much time with my Mama out by her clothesline when I was a kid and my kids spent time with me by mine.

      I don't make apple butter much anymore, but I do keep a supply of my cinnamon apple jelly and eat it almost daily on buttered toast. :)

  2. Yes, what she said above, plus your sewing hobby and natural products you make and use. A tour of your travel trailer would be fun? Books you've found helpful or are enjoying now; teas or tissanes you like; items you enjoy collecting or thrifting; things you've inherited from Grandmothers or Mother (hankies, photos, costume jewelry, etc.); Birds or wildlife in your area- just you being you. I enjoyed your blog before and I'm glad you're giving it a go again ;)

    1. Thank you, Mary, for visiting and for your helpful suggestions. I took notes from your comment and you will be seeing posts relating to your ideas soon...today even! Thanks again!

  3. Your everyday life is precisely why I enjoy reading your posts. Your blog is real, not pretentious, and therefore inspiring. Your enjoyment of the ordinary is uplifting and often compels me to look at my own rather mundane life differently. I often stop by while having a cup of tea, and it feels like visiting with an old friend telling me about the day she's having. So please don't be discouraged or intimidated by more ambitious blogs about seemingly perfect lives. We know they are not realistic, and often not true. I am looking forward to more frequent visits with you!

    1. Thank you, Santie, for your very encouraging comment. It makes me so happy to hear that you feel like you're visiting with an old friend when you stop by my blog. It has always been my intention to make people feel at home here. I hope you'll come by often!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jill. I'm glad you came by and left me a sweet comment. I've missed my blog friends!

  5. Looking forward to more of your ramblings

  6. Thanks Ruby, I hope to post more soon!


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