Friday, August 9, 2019

A Trip to Bountiful

I've named our Vegetable Garden this year. 
Meet Bountiful.

Bountiful has outdone herself!  Who says great and mighty works can't come from small things?  Not me.  (Not especially since I am not quite 5 ' 2". But since I'm vertically challenged, I have a good excuse for not cutting the prickly, towering okra.)

In fact, I can't take any credit for this garden at all.  My sweet hubby:
  •  tilled it
  • planted it
  • gathers it
  • He even grew the hay that he cut to put around all the plants that worked to keep out weeds and hold in moisture. 
So what do I do, you ask?  Help eat it?  Yes!!!

      I also help can and freeze it.  The two of us have spent many, many hours in our kitchen so far this summer, slicing, dicing, and peeling.  Canning and freezing. 

Today was Tomato day.  Hubby picked the tomatoes (of course).

This is only PART of today's picking!

Then the fun (?) started.  I worked really h~a~r~d (really I did!), until I got hungry (hear the whiny voice here?). 

This Tomato Session actually put us over our projected quota (trying to sound business-like). 
    We are now the proud owners of:
  •  52 quarts of canned tomatoes
  •  26 quarts of frozen tomatoes
  •  many, many gallons each of battered, frozen squash and okra
And hubby has also canned several jars of jalapeño peppers. (I stayed away from those.  Do you remember my Pepper Fiasco from several years ago?)
So after finishing my tomato peeling part of today's process, I stopped and made lunch.  Guess what it was?  BLT's!  What else?

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
                                                                 ~  Lewis Grizzard
 P.S.  Guess what I put in the slow cooker for tonight's supper.....   Vegetable Soup!!!  All I have to do is cook up a pan of cornbread and supper's ready.  

Soup's On!!!

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  1. Wow that is a lot of okra! And boy does it put out. My husband is forbidden to grow any more until I finish using LAST year's crop! LOL


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