Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revisiting My Childhood

On a recent visit to an antique shop I saw some old, already painted, paint-by-number pictures for sale for $40...each! It brought back so many childhood memories for me. My happiest school day memories are the days when the teacher handed out sheets of drawing paper and we pulled out our boxes of Crayola crayons. I still remember the smell of that brand-new box of fat crayons that was given to us in the first grade! Yes, given to us, we didn't have to bring our own supplies way back in 1965! These antique shop pics made me wonder, can you still buy paint-by-number sets and wouldn't that be a fun way to ease back into my artwork? So, upon returning home from vacation, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby ...and oh yes! ...they still make them and they are more beautiful than ever! So, I dug into my mad money and bought myself a gift...well, two actually...I couldn't narrow it down to just one. And now I have a new obsession hobby.

Here's the package front of the first one.

And here is the painting chart on the back ....

...looks like tedious work, huh? But, I'm loving it! I started with the smallest, cheapest (only $3.99!) picture first, just to get a little practice before delving into that BIG picture...a 20" X 16"...kind of intimidating! On with the work...

... Day 1

... day 2 3


...and day 5!!!

It's not finished yet but I just couldn't wait to show what I've got finished already! I'll post a picture when I finish my project. I've already found dozens of places where I can proudly display my new painting... some in the house, some in the camper. I have a feeling I won't stop with these first two projects. Hobby Lobby has many more kits just calling out to me...take me home with you, Sherry, paint me...paint me!

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  1. Oh how much fun. It is very pretty for paint by number. Good job!!

  2. Wow! That's a lot more involved than the ones we used growing up! It's beautiful, and what a fun hobby to have. Maybe I'll take a trip to Hobby Lobby as well :) Love you!

  3. You might want to try Herrschner's as well. They have some really nice ones including the last supper.

    I love the flowers! Cant wait to see the finished project.

  4. I may have to get me one! I remember how much they were! Good job!

  5. As I came to each picture I would say you are good at this....I think I might even enjoy this. Trish

  6. Pretty! I I want to do one, too! I love things that remind me of my childhood... That's one of the nicest things that blogging has done for me! ♥

  7. These are wonderful! I love the old vintage paint by numbers also. Wonderful job. xoxo Nancy

  8. I remember doing the paint by number kits..In fact, I bought my granddaughter one for Christmas and she is 21 and loved it.


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