Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Glorious Weekend!

I've never looked up the word glorious in the dictionary, but in the little dictionary I carry around in my head it means full of glory and wonder and that is the perfect description of my weekend.

Our precious daughter and son-in-law came home for a few days and they, along with my sweet hubby, me, and our two sons traveled to Huntsville to join with our extended family and friends for our niece's beautiful outdoor wedding.

But now with Heather and Matt on their way back to Indiana and Neil and my boys back at their jobs, I'm home and ready to delve back into my happy routines and hobbies. My work is all stacked up for me. :)

My afghan project continues to grow block-by-happy block.

Also awaiting my attention are my little paint pots...

They're so sweet, all holding hands while waiting for me.

They are such pretties that I couldn't stand to keep them stashed away in an ugly old shoe box, so I dug through my projects-in-waiting box and found this tissue box holder. I thought it made the most elegant of homes for my little paint pot friends. They seem to be very happy in their new home.

I have started on my newest paint-by-number picture. I'm loving it even more than my last project. The paints are going on so smoothly. It just smooths out the rough edges of life for me. I am finding painting to be the most glorious of hobbies.


  1. Hi Sherry, Here you go again with the sweetest post and prettiest pictures. I love you little paint pot home. Gerry

  2. Sherry, your afghan is going to be beautiful! I love the colors you've chosen. You are really making me want to try paint by number again! This one is looking so pretty. I look forward to seeing it progress. Have a nice week! Twyla

  3. I do huge paint by numbers, too! That is a fantastic way to keep those little pots in line. So cute!

  4. Oh my.. your paint holder is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous...

  5. How pretty that is, Sherry. What a lovely tissue box holder for you little paint pots. And your afghan squares are yummy!

  6. That is a very pretty tissue holder. And you're afghan is going to be gorgeous. SUCH beautiful colors. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Blessings to you,

  7. OH Sherry your weekend sounded so wonderful,,your afghan project is looking so pretty,, I love all those yummy colors.... I have not ever tried Pain my Numbers.., the one you are doing looks so pretty,,,so far, maybe I will look for one and give a go,,can't wait to see it when it is done..... hope your week is filled with all the love and joy,,your weekend was.....


  8. Sounds like you had a really special weekend, love the paint holder-enjoy!

  9. Just stopping by from Simply Debbie's blog. Reading through her comments, I was drawn like a magnet to Sherry from Alabama because I AM TOO! When I popped over here, I was floored~ becase I crochet and paint AND eat apple butter and cheesecake even though I can't make either of them!!!
    We're originally from Decatur, living in Montgomery for the last 20 years. Nice to meet ya~

  10. Glad your weekend went so well...its good to have a hobby you love to do. Trish


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