Friday, August 13, 2010

I finally did something I've always wanted to do!

Since I'm still hiding inside due to the heat outside, I've been making good use of my time. After many, many summers of saying this is the year I'm going to get my home decluttered before school starts back, I finally did it! But guess what, there is no school for me this year. I am retired from teaching ~ homeschool ~ after 16 years. But, I can still enjoy my clutter-free home.

I can walk into my little laundry room, and instead of seeing clutter and obstacles to step around, I can enjoy the little touches that we have added over time. I can look up and see the light fixture that I repainted and my sweet husband hung for me. It adds a rosy glow to my laundry days.

While going through old folders I found some more of my drawings from years gone by. Thought I'd let this little fellow parade through for Pink Saturday.

This blog is a happy participant of Pink Saturday.


  1. I love the light fixture and your flamingo is divine! Happy Pink Saturday to you! Come visit me soon! I have lots of giveaways going on. Hugs Anne

  2. Great art, sweetie ... but the pink light captured me!

    Have a wonderful PS summer weekend!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. How really great!! I love it!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Oh !!to be clutter free. love the flamingo. How can she stand on one leg for so long?

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    Happy pink Saturday

  5. HELLO,



  6. I so want to get my house in order. Will it happen? hope so! You know I love that flamingo drawing!!!

  7. Decluttering has been on my list of things to do for quite some time. Like, forever! In fact, I should be doing it now since I don't start back to school until the 26th, but so many other things I want to do -- like crafting.

    Love that flamingo drawing. You should spend more time doing that since you are now retired and have a nice clean home. :)

    Best wishes for the weekend. Tammy

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Sherry Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. Oh I love the chandelier that you painted. How pretty that is. It would make it a pleasure for sure to be in the laundry room.

    I love the wonderful pink flamingo too. You drew that? How beautiful. My gosh you are so talented.

    Thank you for the beautiful share today. I love to come to see what you are up to.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  9. Totally beautiful. I love the pink chandelier. Makes me want to spray paint mine. hummm...

  10. Happy Pink Saturday!! Very pretty I love the Chandalier Light! I have not been feeling good and I read apple vinegar post going to drink a bottle....Grace xoxoox

  11. Congratulations on retirement AND de-cluttering! Home schooling certainly adds to the clutter dilemma!

    I so look forward to retire. Maybe by the time we're done, I'll have consistently learned to keep our home schooling in the Lord's hands!

    You might just have more time to spend on drawing now! You're quite the artist!

    I went to Michael's to get a paint by number kit and they didn't have any! :(

  12. The pink chandy is adorable !!!!!!

    I'm so glad I joined Pink Saturday so I could meet and join these great blogs.

    Thank you for visiting Lavender Hill and your sweet comments !

  13. Love your flamingo!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  14. That light fixture would make doing the laundry fun!
    Happy Pink Sat.

  15. I hadn't thought of painting a light fixture pink-maybe white! Looks great! Happy PS!

  16. You have been holding out on us. I did not know you were an artist. I love both items you shared today.

  17. Hi Sherry,

    Happy Retirement to you! :0) I have another blog friend that just finished up after 26 years...5 children later. :0)

    Good for you on the decluttering...with this big move we made last year I've made a point of decluttering in a way I never thought I would...mostly due to me enjoying the time it takes to dust everything. I like your pink chandy!

    I love this artwork you are slowly revealing to us. It's just beautiful.

    Happy {PiNk} Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  18. Hi Sherry,
    Happy Pink Saturday! I love the pink light fixture. Thanks for stopping by my blog.Hugs, LizlovesVintage

  19. Hi Sherry! I homeschooled, too! I love your pink light fixture! It's so pretty. I'd love to see more of your laundry room. Mine is a mess! Twyla

  20. LOVE the bird Sweetie,,,what fun pics you are sharing with us...
    Thanks for the note on my post and the welcome to my 1st PINK Saturday everyone has been GREAT,,,WOW I feel Blessed in fact...Sorry for the late reply we had went shopping for the rest of the boys school things last minute and my hopes to be back early were dashed...Please forgive me... :0)
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  21. Hi Sherry, oh the chandy is beautiful, what a sweet way to dress up laundry! Fancy!

    Have a great week!


  22. I have been wanting too do the same thing but haven't gotten around to it yet....I absolutely love the pink light fixture. Trish

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  24. Pretty make over and a lovely painting.
    Happy Pink week.

    ♥ Regina

  25. Love your pink chandy!

    I've been locked inside, too. Today's heat index will be 113. I am sure that I would melt so I am playing it safe and staying in my air-conditioned home.


  26. loving love check out my blog x

  27. loving love check out my blog x

  28. I love the feeling of having everything in it's place...such an accomplishment. good for you!
    love the light fixture!


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