Monday, January 31, 2011

I cleaned my sitting room today...

... but since it's such a dark, rainy day I can't get good pictures of my sparkling clean room. So instead, I'll just show you the happy Valentine banner I made a few days ago. I'm so glad something is happy and cheerful on this drizzly day (something besides me, that is :).

Now I'm going to slip into my pink rain gear and go for a quick walk before starting supper.  Hope it's a bright cheery day where you are today!


  1. It's been cloudy and gray over here for about 5 days now. I hear the sun was in Canada and Colorado yesterday. :) Sounds like much of the US is gonna get walloped with big snow storms. I'll take a gray day any day. :) Best wishes to you. Tammy PS Your banner is bright and cheerful

  2. Your banner is very sweet, Sherry! ♥


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