Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Afternoon of Delight

My little grocery store did have cheery flowers waiting for me yesterday, just like I'd hoped!

And the bookmobile supplied me with a new month's worth of delightful reading.  So, now I'll just get all my tasks done before sitting down to an afternoon of guiltless pleasure.

Now....I've swept and mopped the floors, made the rolls and got them rising.

I've planned supper.

By the way, that second ingredient is 3/4 cup chopped onion.

I've fed the fire,

made my cup of hot tea,

and I've even taken my frigid walk to the end of our country lane and back for the day!  I think I've earned a couple of hours to sit in my favorite chair in front of the warm hearth and enjoy an afternoon of reading and crafting pleasures.  I'm so glad you stopped by to enjoy this special time with me.


  1. hi sherry, thanks for visiting my blog, yours is such a pretty blog, i will have to look into it and read more. and what a delightful name to it.

  2. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life.They are the best.

  3. I sure do enjoy your website. We have had many frigid days and nights here in Ottawa Canada. I can appreciate the warmth of your lovely, happy home. God bless your family.
    Love Rita


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