Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating a Rainy Day

We woke up to another rainy, windy, stormy day in Alabama. But that's OK! I've got lots of things to do right here at home to keep me happy, busy, and contented.

It's 7:30 a.m. and I've breakfasted with my sweet hubby and seen him off to work.  Then I moved on to my routine chores, taking joy in the order they bring our home.  The floors are now mopped.  A load of laundry is washed and thumping happily along in the dryer.  No clothesline work for me on this rainy day. 

After the clothes are dry, I'll pull out my iron and lavender water and get my ironing all done up.  No rush.  I enjoy smoothing out what wrinkles in life that I can.

Supper is all planned out in my head. I find such peace on a rainy stay-at-home day.  There's no push to go outside and work in my gardens.  I got the last of my plants in the ground yesterday.  The weatherman had warned me we would have storms again today, so I planted the little flowers' roots a little deeper and snugged the rich brown earth up around their chins.  They're going to enjoy this rainy day...

...and so am I!



  1. Sherry, it makes me happy to read of another women enjoying the keeping of her home!

    No planting here yet. It's 22 this morning! brrrr! ♥

  2. Sherry I also love rainy days for the peace it gives me. I enjoy the puttering around my home so much. Once I'm done with baby duties I need to plant some flowers on my deck garden.

  3. "so I planted the little flowers' roots a little deeper and snugged the rich brown earth up around their chins." ... now THERE's a writer!! ;)

  4. I love to iron! It is my favorite chore. I iron almost everything.

  5. Oh Sherry, I don't iron. I used to, but I'm not a fan of it. When I did I used lavender spray. My fav to spritz on my linens.
    Happy Wed.
    Love Claudette

  6. Hi Sherry,

    I've always enjoyed the makings of an orderly home and I've always enjoyed cooking. I'm visiting for Whatever You Want Wednesday.

    Pink Sparkles for your day,
    Stephanie ♥

  7. Thinking of you lately. Warms my heart to read your posts. Congrats on successfully raising & homeschooling your sweet children. Blessed Easter!

  8. Hi Sherry,

    Absolutely....snag The Soulmate quote. I can't remember where I found it but I know it was free to use. I'm careful with how I use stuff and giving credit where it's due. Have a wonderful day.

    Pink Sparkles!
    Stephanie ♥

  9. Hope you had a wonderful easter, sucha lovely post x


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