Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunshine for My Day!

I enjoy taking my little Maggie dog on my daily walks. 
She gives me a good reason to talk and sing out loud.
And with rain sprinkling on our walk yesterday, 
it just brought a song out of me that I learned in church when I was a little girl.
I sung all the way to the end of our lane and back:

When He Put a Little Sunshine In
         by Albert E. Brumley

All the world is bright and cheery   And I'm singing ev'ry day,
In the place of burdens dreary,  I sing a joyful lay;
For He put a ray of gladness   Where the sorrow once had been,
Since Jesus took my heart all to pieces 
And put a little sunshine in.

All the clouds have silver linings,  Not a shadow is in sight,
Not a tho't of sad repining,   The way is always bright;
I was lost in sin and darkness   But the way is bright again,
Since Jesus took my heart all to pieces
And put a little sunshine in.

So I press along rejoicing   On the blessed glory road,
And I know that my Redeemer   Will share my ev'ry load;
I am singing hallelujah   For my soul is free from sin,
Since Jesus took my heart all to pieces
And put a little sunshine in.

When Jesus took my heart all to pieces
And put a little sunshine in,
He put a little joy and gladness
Where sadness once had been,
He gave a little love and glory
And took away the doubt and sin,
When Jesus took my heart all to pieces
And put a little sunshine in.

I wish you a sunny day today, my friend!


  1. I had a good time on Youtube, listening to the melody of this song. Very nice, its a great walking song. Thanks for the lift and reminder.

  2. Awh, what a sweet post ~ made me smile:) I too take my pooch on walks (twice a day) and I sing ~ I think she likes it!


  3. *LOVE* this post. You have made me smile on this foggy, gray morning!

  4. Hi, Sherry! How's that substitute teaching going?
    Maggie sounds like a nice little walking partner. Sometimes when I see dog walkers outside my window, I want to give them my phone number so I can take a turn walking all the cute dogs! Have a great week!

  5. Hi Sherry,

    What a cheerful song! Such a day-brightener. I tried to find it online so I could hear the tune, but no luck. Maybe I can find it in my hymnal. Thanks for sharing! And enjoy your trip to Muncie--we lived there for almost 2 years when my oldest daughter was a baby.


  6. What a wonderful song! So meaningful! I came over to visit from Latane of Living Life in a Small Town...she's my Mom. We are from AL originally. Loved your blog! Hope you can come by and visit mine as well. All my best--


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