Friday, December 16, 2011

Coffee Happiness

I enjoy coffee.
It makes me happy.
So I have two cups every morning.

I had graduated to drinking two MUGS of coffee each morning, but decided I was going a little overboard.
You can get too much of a good thing!

I got to thinking about coffee drinkers from the 1950's.
Think of the cups June and Ward drunk their morning and evening coffee from.
What about Lucy and Ricky's coffee cups?
They weren't 12 ounce mugs like I was using.
They were tiny.

If June could get her housework done on a tiny cup of coffee (or two) so could I!
So, I set out to find myself the "perfect" coffee cup.
It should be small... dainty even.
It should be dark so I don't feel guilty when I see coffee stains in it that I don't want to scrub out.
It should make me happy when I fill it up every morning with my happy brew.
It wasn't easy finding the cup to meet all my requirements.
I searched for quite awhile and then
There it was sitting on a shelf in the thrift store, just waiting for me!
Simple perfection!

I can now enjoy my small, girly cups of coffee each morning guilt-free
I now read that good for me!
It can help me lose weight!
(You can read that article here.)
It keeps me happy and fights off depression!
(Read that article here.)

I'm trying to apply the idea of moderation in other areas of my life.
Maybe I should next look at my sweets consumption.
Would this be considered moderate?

How about you?
How do you like your coffee?
From a mug?
From a dainty little tea cup?
Sweet and creamy?
P.S.  Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments on my last post!  I'm still reading and rereading them all and mulling it over.  In the meantime I remain 
~A Happy Valentine~

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  1. Oh, I really like the mug with the doughnut! It ain't dainty but sure does reflect attitude toward a yummy treat :)

    Actually, I like my coffee and tea from a smallish, pretty cup with a saucer. Something microwavable too.

  2. It is so freezing-ly (I wonder if this word actually exists) cold outside and your post so warm and cozy. Even I could afford a mug of creamy coffee right now :)
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Sherry! Your little mug is sooo cute! I like my coffee in a big mug but it has to be a pretty one! And I take my coffee black. I have heard just recently that coffee also helps to deter the signs of Alzheimers. Thanks for your visit.

    Christmas blessings,

  4. I am now hooked on ice coffee with a splash of half & half.
    I was like June the other morning...I had to clean house so I treated myself to coffee and advil! lol
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  5. HPS!

    Yaaay to coffee! One cup, no sugar but skim milk.


  6. I will take coffee anyway I can get it. However in the mornings, I have three in just a regular cup, no mug.

  7. The coffee mug with the doughnut is a hoot, which is what you want first thing in the morning to get your day going, right?

  8. I drink coffee from my favorite Mary Englebreit mug--a gift from my best friend. All of ME's art makes me happy so it's a good way to start the day. I tried to quit coffee once--it didn't last but it helped me to cut back to my one cup in the morning from my little 4 cup coffee maker. I really make it a treat with organic cream--yummmm! Thanks for the extra reading but if it really helped us lose weight I'd be much thinner by now--maybe the cream??? LOL

  9. I like that mug with donut!

    Very pretty!

    Beside the Christmas Tree, happy holidays!

  10. I have two cups of coffee every morning. One at home in a big Starbucks mug with hot skim milk and 1 tsp of brown sugar. Then I fix another one for my travel mug that I take to school.

    My blog name was a split second decision because my cousin was forcing me to start a blog. I've thought about changing it but don't really know what I could call it and don't think it really makes much of a difference. My blog is just a personal diary of life for the most part. I will never try to sell or teach anything. I like the friendships I've made so far and that's enough for me.

    Happy weekend wishes to you, Tammy

  11. Sherry, you always did remind me of June Cleaver! I love coffee black in the mornings and I don't count the cups! I drink from a big cup from Godiva chocolate,it;s my fav. There is enough research now that coffee is actually good for you, I have always known it was good for me! Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas! Twyla

  12. Thank you for the embroidery pattern. Merry PS!

  13. Sherry, you found the perfect cup! I've never really been a mug person, and I like to drink my hot yummies from a regular dainty cup.

    I always looked forward to my cup of coffee in the morning (so much so I wrote a poem starring it in my first verse), until one day I figured out that it was the coffee giving me flu-like symptoms...achy all over and tired. Wahhhh!! Now, if I 'indulge' in a cup I can only have a little bit once. If I repeat it every day it will 'build up' and I'll begin feeling badly again...then it takes about a week to recover. Aren't you glad you asked? LOL...

    But when I have a bit I love it with cream or 1/2n1/2.

    The mug with doughnut is a hoot!

    Thanks for dropping by, and have a very Pink Saturday,

  14. Fun post!! I am not allowed coffee as I have a some health issues. My hubby always has a cup in the morning... he mixes hot cocoa in his coffee.

  15. Hi Sherry,
    Nice to meet you--I'm your newest follower! I love your blog name--it is adorable!!

  16. I hopped over to say hi.

    Blog names are difficult and once chosen they are with you for a long time. I've been blogging for 4 years and my name reflects nothing about my blog.

  17. We are awaiting a new espresso maker, and bean grinder. We have cappuccino every morning, just the one, but I get so envious when I visit a proper coffee shop, so we are aiming for the ultimate cappuccino. When/if I do it I will raise the mug to you!

  18. Good to hear that coffee is good for ya! I use a holiday cup this time of year...Santa Java...get's me in the Christmas Spirit! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas.

  19. Love this post! I'm more of a tea drinker (but with a blog named Art, Books, Tea - that probably doesn't surprise you! lol) But when I do have coffee, I like it with cream, no sugar. Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comments!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. That donut/mug would be a favorite of my hubby for sure. I drink a mug of coffee in the morning, my favorite mug has a beautful ocean scene on it. Then the rest of the day I tend to drink either green or white tea. I used to drink pots of coffee a day but have cut back.
    I get the heath benefits from both the coffee and teas.
    I tip my mug to you

  21. I actually do a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the evening. Mine is in a huge 12 oz cup though!

  22. Hi Sherry,

    Nice to meet you. I hopped over from Bev's. I drink decaff coffee in the morning. I drink it black with 2 sugars, in a small mug. I save the pretty teacups for my tea.
    A swish of a little baking soda in a wet mug, will clean those stains right out. Have a wonderful holiday!


  23. Amen for Coffee!
    HPS..I miss everyone....Thank you for sharing this Season.
    Happy Holidays~

  24. What a great idea - all things in moderation. Gee I wish I could do that.

    I am more like that last mug with the donut!


    I like my coffee strong.

  25. Do like coffee- love tea. Have a cappuccino machine that I love to make lattes with! Drinking out of a pretty mug or cup is preferred! Am getting to make some little crochet cozies for my friends who stop at Starbucks for their daily brew-

  26. nice coffee, but please give me some sugar :)

  27. Ca't do coffee to drink but love the flavor in ake, cookies, ice cream, etc.
    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  28. Well me I'm a 2 mug-a morning girl. I love it with french vanilla creamer and splenda! Pure delight - it tastes like dessert so that I don't actually have to have dessert!

    Enjoy the season!


  29. Some time ago you posted about being a coffee drinker and you wanted a small cup. While shopping today I found the cutest little coffee mug.. perfect for you It has coffee words all over it and only about three inches high. I would love to mail it to you if you will E-mail me your address. Check my blog for it. Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas

  30. I like your small cup, Sherry. Everything IS bigger these days, right?
    I've been thinking that I'm sort of tired of the taste of coffee, especially without a lot of cream. Maybe it's time for me to kick the habit!
    Merry Christmas!

  31. Hahahaha! That coffee mug with the donut ~ hilarious! I drink two mugs a day, with sugar and half & half. It's medicinal, right?

    Merry Christmas, my friend:)


  32. Hey there my friend! I finally figured I should participate more with your sweet blog! What a creative mind you have! I like LOTS of coffee in the morning in a BIG mug! It doesn't bother me to drink 1/2 a pot in the am. I guess I'm used to it. I like it super hot, with milk and no sugar. Then I have to eat something... our kids are the greatest, don't you agree??

  33. Somehow I got a little behind with my blog reading over the holidays and I am trying to catch up! Love the new header pictures, by the way! Glad you stayed with your name! Love the new coffee cup. It's perfect! Yes, I have coffee almost every morning (one and a half mugs full) in a wonderful big mug that our daughter and then-new-son-in-law brought me back from Las vegas when they got married. It has Las Legas on it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now, tea, well, I always love to sip hot tea from daintier cups and mugs, and should do a post!!! :-)


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