Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to the first "Tuit Tuesday"!

What is Tuit Tuesday?

This is the day to show us what you've done once you got
"around to it"
(a round tuit)
Such as:
  •         taking a walk in the rain
  •         buying a new bedspread
  •         trying a new recipe
  •         making an appointment for a haircut, physical check-up, etc.
  •         getting a library card
  •         adopting a pet
  •         a sewing project
  •         sky diving
  •         cleaning out your car
  •         signing up for a class

You get the idea, anything goes ~ as long as it's family-friendly.  We're interested in the exciting as well as the every day stuff.
My contribution this week is the making of the Tuit button and starting the Party.
I finally got around to it!
Thanks to everyone that voted on which button you liked best.
Pink is the winner!

So here's your round tuit!

Now it's your turn.
If you would like to join in for Tuit Tuesday, please enter your name and the direct link for your
Tuit Tuesday post ~ not just your general blog link.  Please include in your post, the Tuit button or a text link back to my blog so others may join in.
That's all there is to it!
Now it's your turn.
Let's Party!!!

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  1. So many things to get around to.....where to start?

  2. LOL I remember my auntie having a trivet that was round and said "Tuit" on it hanging in her kitchen.
    thank you for the visit !

  3. Hello Sherry, Thanks for hosting this party. I'll start visiting now. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  4. Hi, Sherry, I stumbled upon your lovely Blog, and thought I would join in to your "tuit" I would get "tuit" and finally put my Adorable Christmas Room away...
    Thanx for the Extra Motivation...:D
    It's just what I needed!

  5. Hi Sherry,
    I finally vacuumed out my car, but haven't taken a picture of it!

  6. There is so much I never seem to get around to it. I did clean my bathroom real good today. That for your comment on my post. I must remember to share you father's advise with my sister. She talks too much. However, she said God her a mouth and she intended to use it. Trust me she does.

  7. I will be finishing a project today, so maybe I can link-up tomorrow???? I am always late to parties.....

    Ricki Jill

  8. Thank you for stopping by....sounds like a fun party idea....I'm also very sad to see someone is being just have to wonder why they are so unhappy that they have to try and take someone else's happy from them....and what cowardness....if you are going to say something mean....then own it.....good for you for taking the high road....something they don't know, for sure.

  9. this seems to be a wonderful meme..and i love your header..we're doing it on summer too! wish to join this meme soon..

  10. Great meme! I will have to remember to join sometime...Christine

  11. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog which got me to come here.
    Great idea with your linking party! I really love your post about the blogger leaving nasty comments. You are handling this wonderfully!
    Newest follower, would be honored if you would follow me back, but no hard feelings if you don't want to :-)
    Have a wonderful day

  12. Hello, I'm a new follower and found you tru art at home blog. Cheers

  13. Hello Sherry,
    Your new linkup party sounds super fun, love your new button. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave your lovely comment. I am excited to be your newest follower.
    Smiles, Paula


I'm so happy you're leaving me a comment! ~ Sherry