Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Considering It....

...joining in on this blog party that is.

I'm doing a little soul-searching and rereading my blog, trying to come up with the answers to this profound question.  I've already checked out the host blogs for the WDYWYBTBWIGU (what do you want your blog to be when it grows up) party and feel much intimidated by their blogs' bigness and my blog's smallness. 

The party is this Friday, March 2 ~ whether I participate or not. :) What about you?  Do you have a blog?  Okay, here's the deal, I'll participate in the party if you will.

Here is the invitation from the party hosts:
We have a fun new party idea and want to invite you to participate...the impromptu party goes live THIS FRIDAY...March 2nd.
We are calling it, "What Do You Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?"

Have you ever thought about.......

What your vision is for your blog? Which direction you want to take your blog? What do you want to accomplish with your blog in 2012?

If you haven't thought about this.....we encourage you to do it now. By writing down goals for yourself and your blog, you determine what you want your blog to look like. It's kind of like a vision board for your blog.

Simply put, we want you to dream your biggest dreams, your wildest hopes, your greatest aspirations.....and then.....

.....we want to know about them.

This Friday, Eclectically Vintage, it all started with paint, the space between and Thistlewood Farm are hosting a linky party.

We want you to post about your vision....tell us "What Do You Want Your Blog to Be When It Grows Up?" and then link your post up to the party. We can't wait to see what your vision is and share ours with you. The party starts this Friday at 6am CST and continues until the following Friday at 11:00pm CST.
We sincerely hope to see all of you there.

And...we have a bunch of other fun ideas up our sleeve that we're dying to share with you!!
Please check out our posts about this Friday's party...and grab our button if you'd like.

KariAnne @ Thistlewood Farm

So what do you think?
Remember, I'll do it if you will.


  1. sounds like a great idea to me. I have been blown away from the traffic on some blogs and then I look at mine and boo-hoo... 5 or 6 comments. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I will come up with new ideas and inspiration. Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. Ok, this is what think. I am an organizer at heart. I am also project closer person. I have discovered why I never finish things. ARE YOU LISTENING? It's because life cannot be filed away into finished folders, completed and organised. My blog is the same way. It is ever changing, moving, and becoming more like me every day. For example, I have a project that I want to do. A book about ____. Just when I think I have all the pieces, I see something else that intrigues me, calls for my attention, and distracts me from "THE END." THus my project remains open ended. My blog is the same way. Life is always changing. I am always making adjustments. My blog is a reflection of me. So, I guess what I am saying is GOOD LUCK with planning which direction your blog will go and what it will be in a year, two years, or however long. Some pick themes and try to only post in theme, but for me my blog is me. Wow, this comment was fun. If I allowed myself I could give a bit more time to my writing. Back to photos.

  3. Sherry,

    I hope you do come and join us in this idea! I find that if I write things down there is a much greater chance of them getting done versus when they're just swimming around inside of my head ...



  4. Sherry,

    Oh....I so hope you will join us! I think this will be a party filled with inspiration and encouragement. Someone wise once said...."Goals are dreams written down."

    Hope to see you there.

  5. Well sorry to say Sherry my friend... but I don't want to grow up, lol.
    I'm happy with where my blog is. I've grown in the last 4 yrs. and I like it. I feel NO pressure, I took of my follow button, cuz I think it's stupid, and I enjoy my hand full of friends that care.
    I will not sponsor adds or give aways. I know I'm tough, but that's me.
    I think your blog should be fun, no room for pressure. I've loved your blog since the day I found you. xo
    There you go, my 2 French cents for tonight.
    Love Claudie

  6. This is interesting, Sherry. For me, my blog is an extension of my business, a tool to grow my business. Although my "followship" is rather small and the comments rarely get above 20, I'm OK with this for 2012. Spending more of my time creating my new website and focusing on SEO, and of course, enjoying "journaling" through my blog:)

    Hope this blog hop is helpful to you and that this will be the year you reach your blog dreams!



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