Monday, April 2, 2012

My word for the week ~ Simplicity

Good Morning Bear Animations

I'm so happy you dropped by to see what I'm up to.

I've just fixed myself a cup of coffee and am sitting down to think about this new week.

I'm expecting a great week!

I don't have anything great planned, but I'm still expecting a great week.

I have planned a week of simplicity.

                                                                  To me that means:
                            less time on the computer
                              less time in the kitchen
                           more time with my family
                                  more time outdoors
                                   more time playing

My simple outfits for the week are:
tank tops
                             flip flops

My planned meals for the week are:
very simple fare ~ maybe a casserole with fresh raw veggies and bread

My simple activities are:
a little drawing
a little reading
a few homey chores
a little of puttering in the yard
leisurely walks
daily prayers and devotion
doing something to make someone else happy

I hope to make a simple daily post about what I do each day this week.
I make no promises though.
I may get so carried away with my simple plans that I forget.

What are your plans for the week?

I hope they include time to be sweet to you because you're such a sweet person.

Nice Day Animations


  1. Love the plans for the week! I am having a SIMPLE week too! Spring break for the Grandkids and we are going to be having some fun!

    Have a blessed week, HUGS!

  2. I like your word for the week, and I admire that you want to blog every day. I've often thought about trying that for just one week, but that would be one hectic week for me!

  3. I also try to blog every day, but sometimes I think oh no-one would be interested! (So I save it for the next day!)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week, Sherry! Hope's it's all you wish for:) Me? Sewing, sewing, sewing!


  5. Wishing you a great simple and happy time ahead.

  6. Seems as though you and I are on the same track! I love a peaceful, simple week. Today I took a friend to her eye doctor appointment when her ride canceled. Having less to do make it easy to have a great morning with her. She had some pretty unusual observations while the dilation was still in effect...laughing with friends is good!


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