Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simplicity Week ~ So Far, So Good

 My simple week has started out on track.
I began my household chores early in the morning so I would have more play time in the afternoon.
I threw in a load of laundry before breakfast and had it on the clothesline by
8:00 a.m.

I took time for a pleasant walk in the cool of the morning.
I then moved on to vacuuming the floors and detail cleaning the dining room (Flylady's mission).

After lunch I did some pleasure reading, then some ironing.

Supper was simple.
Biscuits, bacon, and cottage fried potatoes.
We love breakfast for supper.

After supper and kitchen clean-up, we attended our youngest son's soccer game.

Then sweet hubby and I settled down for a little visit to Mayberry before bedtime.

A simple ending to a simply blessed day.



  1. I believe SIMPLE living is the best:) Enjoy your Tuesday dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Oh, I wish I could hang my laundry up to dry on a clothesline... warm, sunny towels are the best!

  3. Your post is so refreshing.

  4. Unfortunately our weather is constantly rainy, so hanging our clothes to dry wouldn't work so well.
    Sounds like you had a really great day!

  5. Oh my, are those vintage towels hanging on the line? There's not too many things I love more than a good clothesline shot! Sure wish I could have one, but the only available spot is right in the birds' flight plan to the feeders and birdbath. They'd be doing their business all over my clean wash!

  6. Love the clothesline, wish I had one! I hope your whole week is good and simple. :=)
    I like to end my day with Andy and Opie too.

  7. The best days really are the simple ones. Glad yours was so good. Have a fabulous week!

  8. Like everyone, I enjoyed seeing your laundry line. There's something so refreshing about having the work done and with such pretty visibility. Sounds like a beautiful day to me!

  9. We all need to try and simplify our lives. We too like breakfast food for tea/dinner sometimes. Our favourite is toasted bruschetta with shaved parmesan, omelette on top with a little more shaved parmesan and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper. Hope the rest of your week stays simple. Thanks for sharing.

  10. i love flylady...i need to get back on track with her!!

    thanks for linking up!!


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