Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simplicity Week ~ Day 2

I loved Day 2 of my Week of Simplicity!
Maybe you can join in with for the rest of the week?
Or maybe for one day?
Even a couple of hours would be wonderful.
I promise!

Yesterday's early morning walk was so much fun that I just couldn't wait to get started on today's stroll!
You know what I discovered?
The sweet-smelling honeysuckles are beginning to bloom out!

So I had to run  walk quickly back home and get my camera.

Then I had to carry on with my photography into my flower garden while the "dew was still on the roses".

I snapped pictures of one of my garden favorites.
Pink Carnations

I was happily surprised when I spotted the little bee that had flown into my picture.
Here's a close-up of him.
He was such a ham.

Then, in the edge of the woods I spied these little wild daisies.
At least that's what I call them now.
When I was a little girl, playing house with my friends, we served these little flowers up on our jar lid plates. 
What were they?
Fried eggs of course!

I ended up my outdoor photo session with pictures of my happy faced pansies.
Don't they remind you of children's smiling faces?

Speaking of children's smiling faces
I went to kindergarten today!
I love my weekly visit with that classroom of happy, giggly little ones.

I go to especially help one little precious boy.
Today we played Go Fish with his vocabulary words.
He won.
He always wins!
I used to let him win, but now I really try to beat him but I can't!
His teacher is so happy that he's doing so much better recognizing his letters and words.
I'm so happy to be able to walk into the classroom and feel completely and unconditionally loved by 17 of God's little ones.

I came straight home and drew the picture of my little friend with our homemade Go Fish cards.
Who knew something as simple as a pack of index cards filled with handwritten words could teach letters and words and be so much fun?

I did squeeze in my household chores.
And I cooked a simple supper; stir fry with toasted, buttered biscuits (which were left over from last night).

Guess what I had for lunch?
Bet 'cha can't guess.
A fried egg sandwich!
The real thing!!!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my simple day.
I hope you decide to try it.

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  1. I like the photos of the dew on your flowers- so pretty! I was walking this morning and the sky was so purple and pink- I thought about turning back and getting my camera but I didn't. I think I'll put the camera by the door so it's ready for tomorrow's early morning walk!

  2. Lovely spring photos. What could possibly be eating your pansies? Critters in the garden, it's a constant battle.

  3. Incredibly beautiful pictures you show.
    Wishing you a good day / good Easter.
    Hugs Hanne Bent / hbt.finus.dk

  4. What beautiful pictures Sherry. I'm impressed at the crispness of every one of them. I didn't know you did all those sketches? How cute are they? How talented are you?
    I love the fact that the little boy get's to be with you. I think you must be a great teacher with much patients and a very kind heart. Good for them and you. They are lucky to have you.
    I'm on a liquid diet... having tummy problems actually. Not fun at all.
    Lightly raining here now. The sun was out earlier, but it's gone now ; (
    Those biscuits sound YUMMY!!!

  5. I don't have any roses yet but my Mother's Day lilies are blooming!!! LOL!! Everything is ahead of schedule this year! Have a simple evening, Angela

  6. hi there....it is my first visit here and I can not help but admire your simple happy week....the fried egg flowers and the smiling kids flowers brought joy to this heart...and that carnation with a nearby flying bee shot is awesome...blessed day-

  7. I agree! That bee photo is just stunning. And I love the flower pics. Thanks for sharing the sweet story of your challenging Go Fish partner.

  8. Sherry, this is my most favorite post I've read in a long while! So gorgeous! You're quite the photographer! Thanks for sharing:)



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