Friday, June 22, 2012

A Pink Wash Day

I'm up early today.
I want to get a jump on my chores before the temperatures heat up.
It's wash day!
Two loads of laundry are already washed and hanging out in the bright early morning sunshine.

The good thing about the summery temps is that the laundry dries on the clothesline almost as fast as it would in the electric dryer, and it smells so much better.

It's got to be a good day when it starts off pink. I dressed in a cool, cotton flower-print summer skirt with a pink tank top and flip flops this morning.

My laundry soap is even pink!  I make it with Zote soap.
I'm loving it!  It has a light citrus scent and cleans the clothes so well. I've discovered that Zote is scented with citronella oil (but not too much).  Is it my imagination, or have the mosquitoes been leaving me alone more since I've been using my homemade detergent?

It's so easy to make!
Here's the recipe I use:

Powdered Laundry Soap
1/2 cup grated Zote Soap
1 cup washing soda
1 cup borax

I let my food processor grate the soap for me. Then I throw in the other ingredients and give them all a whirl and...


Beautiful light pink soap!

I only use about 1 tablespoon of the soap for a medium size load of laundry that isn't very dirty but would use up to 2 tablespoons if it's a large and/or heavily soiled load.

Notes:  I've been asked where I got the Zote soap.  I found mine at a Kmart that was going out of business.  Since then, I've looked at other Kmarts along with several other stores, and haven't been able to find Zote.  If anyone knows where the soap can be purchased please let me know.

And another question I've had was about the embroidery piece on my clothesline.  I made it by cutting a piece of muslin to size, hemming it on the sewing machine, crocheting the edging and then stamping and embroidering the piece.  I fell in love with embroidery many years ago in my junior high home ec class. :)

I'm so happy to be joining in for Pink Saturday this week!  It's been quite a while since I've participated and I've been missing my Pink Day friends.  Thank you for coming by!

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  1. It is good to see how you make everyday living sound so beautiful.

  2. So cool! I can't imagine making my own laundry soap with the amount of laundry I do around here... but maybe someday! I love the idea of the mosquitos staying away : D

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


  3. LOVE the wash day line :)
    and making soap ~ verrry cool!
    especially pink! ;)

    HaPpY PS !

  4. oh yes laundry on the line smells sooo good and yours looks so pretty too .... Happy PS !

  5. I can smell the scent clean over here. I hang out every single day all year round .. as weather permits. Love the aroma ...
    Have a great weekend ~

  6. Hi Sherry! The pinks on the line look delicious! I love the clothesline. Our hot dry air dries everything in no time. I had better scoot out and get the most recent load of laundry and make up the guest bed.

  7. We always hung our clothes on a line until I moved to the city. Makes the clothes so clean and fresh smelling.

  8. I like your pretty pink linens on the clothesline. The best way to dry! We don't have a lot of good line drying days here but I take advantage of them when I can. I've never heard of Zote Soap. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Love the pretty Wash Day table scarf hanging on the line! Where in Alabama do you live? I am an Alabama girl, too. :)

  10. This is beautiful! And I love your pink soap!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Your "laundry" is simply beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the soap recipe. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  12. Oh my love those pretty pink linens!!!! xo

  13. Need a hand with that wash? Oh my goodness, talk about pretty. I'd be washing every day. ;)

    Happy PINKS!

  14. Oh WoW, I think I would really love your pink soap! Visiting from Pink Saturday, I'm your newest follower! See ya again soon!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy pink Saturday.

    Come and see my PINK entry, when you get a chance, thanks!

    PS.. I am now following your blog, it would be delightful if you can follow my family blog too, thank you!

  16. Had to come and see what was cooking... on airing today, lol.
    How Pretty in Pink is that?
    Where to you get that ZOTE soap Sherry? I would have to cross the border to get it. Just in a regular grocery store? I'm not even sure I can get washing soda, never heard of it or seen it in the store???
    One more ?. Can I use it in a front loader?? I would think not if it's not liquid ; (

  17. Mosquitoes away? I live in Florida so I can use that! I'm looking forward to trying your recipe. And I think your washing day towel is just darling. Did you make it yourself or is it vintage? I have a pair of pillowcases, with peacocks, that were embroidered in 1923 by my great aunt (for whom I was named). I treasure old needlework. And your towel looks so pretty on the line.

  18. I love your pretty laundry. Home made soup sounds so easy, one of these days will have to try. Happy Pink Saturday. Smiles...Lu

  19. It's not your imagination, Sherry...mosquitoes do not like citronella oil. My goodness, I'm excited about this laundry soap recipe, and definitely would like to try it. Thank you for the recipe. I would love to try the Zote soap, but have never seen it before...where do you get yours?

    I love the laundry day embroidered linen - I have a weakness for vintage embroidered linens.

    Blessings for a wonderful day,

  20. P.S. Oh, I see the link about he Zote soap. Wow, are they saying that you don't need fabric softener with this?

    Thanks again for the recipe.

  21. Wow, that is so awesome. I love all the Pink especially the soap.

  22. Sherry, I adore your vintage linen ~ so sweet! I've been using Zote too, love that stuff!



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