Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homey Thoughts

My goal... no, my pleasure... is to make it a place my family looks forward to returning to at the end of the work/school day.

I want our home to say, "I'm so glad to see you again.  Come on up and have a seat.  I missed you!"

Forget about the problems of your day.
Just look around at the beauty surrounding you here, your home.
Flowers on front porch trellis
 Mr. Shadow will lazily take his bath on the welcome mat while you unwind.
Take a cue from him, don't be in a hurry.
Take your time.
Slow down.
Enjoy each minute.
Won't you join me in my tucked-away reading nook?
I'll tell you about my newest fluffy read.
Or better yet, I'll listen as you tell me about your day.

Reflect on your blessings while you are at rest.
The beauty is all around you if you just look for it.
Read the story of our home's Cross here.

Why don't we stroll around to the backyard?
The beauty spills over to there too.
 This is the miracle I see when I look outside my kitchen window every time I wash dishes.
It never fails to cheer me if I remember to actually see the flowers.
My Square Foot garden's beauty has multiplied as she has matured this summer.
I can't help but wish the same thing for myself.

She may not be in her youth anymore but she's still supplying the family with beautiful flowers
and fresh produce.

With pomp, power and glory the world beckons vainly,
In chase of such vanities why should I roam?
While peace and content bless my little thatched cottage,
And warm my own hearth with the treasures of home.
 ~  Beatrix Potter


  1. Sherry, you too are beautifying the lot! Lovely post.

  2. So much beauty all around! I want one of those reading spots:) I enjoyed taking a stroll around your yard and stopping to enjoy the flowers! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  3. It says take off your shoes and sit a spell to me!

  4. How absolutely lovely!

  5. That's one gorgeous place to be in.

  6. Hi Sherry! Oh, I love your home! It's so woodsy and cozy looking!

  7. This is such a lovely post. It's nice to think of your house that way. I hope my family feels good coming home. I don't think about it much, but I believe I try to make things welcoming for them too. Thanks for the nice uplift to my day!

  8. Wow, Sherry, your home/property is absolutely beautiful! Who wouldn't want to visit for a spell?



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