Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simple joys

We've been rewarded with a beautiful weekend ~ weather-wise~ after a very, very rainy week.
I've gotten outside and soaked up every little ray of sunshine possible yesterday and today. I think my vitamin D levels have been replenished!

I've been very good to myself today. My spirit was refreshed in church this morning. I've exercised my body with a nice brisk walk in the sunshine with my sweet hubby.  And I've ended the day with a wonderful good-for-me meal.

A Salad!
Not just any salad but one full of fresh vegetables, boiled egg, and homemade vinaigrette salad dressing.
I have spinach growing in my backyard barrels again this winter and picked the first leaves this afternoon for my salad!
On another note,
here's another craft I finished this week, just in time to give to a sweet girl in children's church for her 10th birthday.
 Ipod pouch

She got her Ipod for Christmas and is so happy with it.
I hope she enjoys her little pouch as much as I enjoy the one I made myself a couple of years ago.
I use mine for my walks when I don't have a pocket in my skirt. 
I slide my Ipod into its pouch, pop in my earbuds, put my house key in the back pocket of the pouch, slip the handle on my wrist, grab little Maggie's leash and away we go!


  1. Love that little ipod pouch! I bet that put a smile on that little girl's face for sure! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  2. That pouch is adorable - what a sweet gift!

    I can't imagine a salad as dinner going over too well in this house of men - lol! They'd all be like "thanks for the snack, what time is dinner?" :D

    Glad you had a peaceful and pleasant weekend!


  3. Your salad looks delicious! We've been having "comfort food" lately because we're a bit cooler, but I find myself longing for a salad now.

  4. Ooooh, I love freshly grown spinach! The pouch you made is so sweet ~ she's a lucky girl:)


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