Thursday, January 24, 2013

Butterfly Makeup

There's this wonderful FREE! website, well, websites really,  that's filled with uplifting pictures, advice, podcasts, Positive Thinking handbooks, etc.  Everything you need for a Positive Thinking makeover.  And did I mention,
  It's Free!
I downloaded the podcasts on my Ipod several months ago and listen to them when negative thoughts start knocking on my mind's door and you know what? 
Those negative thoughts go running!
The creator/owner of these websites, Dr. Dave, was kind enough to give me permission to use his material on my blog.  He's just interested in sharing his joy of life and happiness with everyone.
So without any more words from my simple mind here is a copy of just one of the many, many, positive lessons found on that website.
(Links to Dr. Dave Abbott's website are at the end of the post.)
BUTTERFLY MAKE UP How could you market beauty products to butterflies?  
First you would need to convince them that they weren't beautiful just the way they are. You would need a clever marketing campaign to load them up with feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. Then you would reprogram their brain with your concept of beauty which is only attainable if they use your products.                      

You might want to start out by changing the color of their antennas. Why should they have to suffer with orange pollen on their antennas when they could apply make-up and change their antennas a better color? And look at those eyes; some type of eye liner to make their eyes stand out would certainly enhance their appearance. Tell them that this year the striped body is out, and a formal black thorax is in; they obviously need a fancy vest. Of course, you wouldn't want to always have the same color wings. A major wing makeover is long overdue.                                                                                               If this all sounds a little foolish, you are exactly right. God made butterflies beautiful just the way they are. God also made you beautiful just the way you are. You are created in the image of God, and you bear his likeness. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you are a thing of beauty.   (Butterfly Make Up Link)
Want more healthy food for your mind?
Here is a link to one of the Positive Thinking webpages. 
On it you'll find a Positive Thinking Handbook which is free to print.
When you scroll down you'll find links to Positive Podcasts by Dr. Dave,
   and all the links for the Positive Thinking websites. 
All Free!!!

Hope you find something you like there.  Be prepared, you may be spending many hours on these pages but I believe you'll come away with a happier outlook on life!  I know I do!

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  1. I've been thinking a lot about the interior vs. the exterior life.


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