Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School

  Fridays usually find me at home getting the laundry done, the bathrooms clean, and general tidying up of the house for the weekend.  But today is different.  I'm going to work at a local Christian Outreach Center to help give out school supplies.

Back-to-School season has always been a happy time to me.  It was when I was a child (I loved school!), it was when my two older children were in public school, and it was for the sixteen years I homeschooled our three children.

It always puts a smile on my face when I walk into the stores in July/August and see all the wonderful school supplies on the shelves.  I love the smell of new supplies and the excitement of opening up a new pack of paper, pencils, erasers...

When my older children were in public school, we would have a back-to-school shopping trip.  I would leave my younger son with his grandmother and take my older children out to breakfast and then shopping for their new supplies.  I think I enjoyed it more than they did.

Then when we started homeschooling, I loved the new and used homeschool book sales.  At home, I pleasured in pouring over catalogs of homeschool curriculum, reading reviews, and praying over and picking out just the right curriculum for our family.

And now, that my children are grown, with my youngest in college, do I still love back-to-school season?  Oh, yes!  I still peruse the aisles of my local Wal Mart, just checking to see if there is anything I might need while the supplies are so cheap. 

And this year, yet again, I found some things I just couldn't do without! Real Pink Pearl erasers for my artwork (because I seem to erase more than I draw), and a cute black and white polka dot notebook in which to keep track of my Weight Watchers Points.  Total amount spent?  $1.00 !

 And I'm looking forward to giving out school supplies to families at the Christian Outreach Center today too.  I say a prayer for each of the families that receives the supplies, that they will enjoy them and that God will bless their new school year.


  1. I always looked forward to the new school year too. There is nothing that smells better than those pink erasers and a brand new box of Crayola crayons! I still like to take a whiff of a new box of crayons. :)

  2. That's great! I love supplies, too. I am thinking about having the students write down all the supplies they have and how they feel about all the brand new stuff. That way we can look at that "beginning of the year"" writing when all the supplies seemed to have disappeared!

  3. What a nice thing to do! I know you'll enjoy your time handing out supplies. I homeschooled my kids, too! I love school supplies still and have already bought some of those great composition books, but I'm going to have to go back and look for some of those erasers! Have a wonderful day, Sherry! Twyla

  4. I had no idea you hs'd too! I hs'd my three boys K-12 and loved, loved, loved it! Mine are all out of college now, but I still remember that school supply shopping excitement. Nothing like a fresh, clean slate to start the school year!

    Have fun handing out supplies today - what a fun afternoon you'll have blessing all those families as they start the school year!



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