Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Good Ole Summertime

What's playing on my Ipod

The book I checked out from the library to help with my drawing

My favorite snack this summer
Cherry tomatoes from my barrel garden

Summer always brings out the little girl in me.
ME!  In my wilder days.
Oh, and the cigarette?  It was a rolled up piece of paper courtesy of my Aunt Marie. 
The purse, sunglasses, and heels also belonged to her.
She's never grown up either and she's now 76!


  1. That picture is a hoot! You have such attitude in it. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that adorable picture Sherry! It made my day! I love summer. I think I have never gotten over that feeling of being free from school for a whole summer! Sad to say, the shirt didn't work last night:( Barney kept me awake half the night! Have a nice weekend! Twyla


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