Monday, December 30, 2013


Little ones in the house sure adds lots of fun to every day. 
 I've enjoyed my grandma time the past few days with Hannah and Noah and with their mommy and daddy too.
  They just left to visit with their other grandparents for a few nights ,

Hannah ~ age 15 months
Noah ~ age 3 months

 ... they're coming back here for a little while before heading back up north and I can't wait to see them again! 

In the meantime, I'm busy getting my homey chores done up and restocking the fridge so that I can spend all my time playing when they come back.

Speaking of playing, let me show you one of my Christmas presents. 
See it hiding behind my wicker loveseat? 
Yep, it's a hula hoop!
The little girl in me asked Santa for it this year.  Will she ever grow up? 
Hope not!
It's not one of the sweet little innocent plastic kind that we had as a kid though, this one is weighted (3 lbs) and comes with promises to shrink my middle ~ if I use it.  So, I have a brand new toy to play with during the rest of the long winter days.  
I'm thinking of clearing a path in front of the TV so that I can hula hoop while watching old movies on Netflix.  Sounds like a fun way to wiggle off any new holiday pounds.


  1. Sherry(:) oh yes light in the dark gloomy winters is a must(:)
    those babes are adorable!!!! smack..kissing those sweet cheeks(:)
    yummy looking pie below too..

  2. Ha! Don't throw your back out, Sherry! Oh, those babies are adorable! FUN!

  3. Hannah and Noah are adorable, Sherry. I'm glad you're getting some time with them. I love hula hoops. I think your idea of hulaing in front of the TV is an excellent one. Good luck!

  4. It was always so much fun to hula hoop! I wonder if I could wiggle enough to keep it up now! lol It would be fun to try. I love all of the pretty things on the wicker seat....looks like it could be my chair with everything I love! Sweet sweet babies, too. Happy new year my friend!

  5. Such sweet grand babies, Sherry:). I have a hula hoop, but I haven't used it in awhile. Good luck to you! It is good exercise and there are inspiring videos on you tube. Twyla

  6. sweetness (:)
    love the babes and the darling blanket set up too (:)


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