Monday, December 2, 2013

So it's back to normal...

Thanksgiving's over.
The turkey is almost gone.
I'm making my menu for this week.

I have a busy week planned:
Grocery buying today.
Working at the food pantry tomorrow.
I also have plans for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

But I did take a little time to dream-wish this morning.
My sweet hubby is wanting me to give him Christmas gift suggestions, so I've been searching Etsy.
Here's what caught my eye:
At Your Witts End Etsy Shop

I love the shampoo bars I've been getting from Chagrin Valley and these look great too.
CT Natural Works Soap Shop
I have trouble making a Christmas list because I'm a very contented lady.
If I'm surrounded by my family at Christmas, that's gift enough for me.
But I don't mind sweet little surprises.
I mean, if sweet hubby insists.
From Millan.Net


  1. What a pretty bracelet. I love the pale green and pink combination...two of my favourite colours. ( Along with red, black, turquoise,cream.....) *smile* I hope your DH buys it for you!

  2. Cute! The bracelet IS lovely, Sherry! Good choice!
    I hope you had a happy week!

  3. Pretty! My husband never asks for a list. ♥


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