Monday, June 27, 2011

A week of Refashioning

At least that's what I'm hoping to get around to this week. I started my refashioning project many weeks ago. 
I also hope to make up a new batch of my apple cinnamon jelly this week (click here for recipe).  I opened my last jar for my breakfast toast today.

With all this in mind, I got up with the chickens this morning...

... made the bed, fed the animals, cleaned up the kitchen, washed the clothes, and hung them out on the clothesline.

Then, trying to beat the summer heat, I set off up the road for my walk in the early morning coolness.  I try to forget all the to-do's running around in my head and enjoy my walk on this beautiful, clear new day. The sun has come out and burned off the early morning fog.  Not a single car goes by to intrude on the peacefulness of my surroundings.  Squirrels are playing back and forth across the road.  The birds are singing.  Cows are contentedly munching on their breakfast grass as I walk by their pasture.  The young calves pause to look up at me and we share a moment of happiness on this beautiful day. 

Then I get to the end of the road and turn around to head back, and what do I see!? 

My little Maggie!

She had followed me so silently that I didn't even know she was there.  She knows she's not so supposed to follow me unless she's invited, so she turns around before I get to her and walks/runs ahead of me all the way home.  It's not that I mind her going with me, it's just that she thinks she owns the road and that cars (if any should come by) should get out of her way, so I don't let her go unless she's on her leash.  But of course, she was nowhere to be seen when I left home for my walk so I couldn't tie her up or put her on a leash. 

Don't let her fool you, she only looks sweet and innocent.  She's much smarter than I am.

But I'm not going to let Maggie spoil my day or my walk.  I'm home now.
Maggie has collapsed on the front porch, in her favorite position, ready for a long snooze.

And I'm going to get busy with my refashions.
Wish me luck!


  1. I wish I had your road to walk on..our street is very busy early in the morning..everyone heading out to work. Maggie is so cute..I like the pic on the porch!
    Great post!

  2. Sherry, it has stormed almost every single day for two weeks here. I could not even entertain the idea of hanging clothes on a line! There is like a black cloud hanging over our part of Alabama, LOL!

  3. What a wonderful-sounding day! You are very lucky to have that quiet road for your walks. And I join you in the pleasure of hanging laundry out to dry--saves money and smells awesome! : )

  4. How wonderful to wake early and finish your chores then go for such a lovely walk. That Maggie is absolutely adorable! Hope the refashioning is working out. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  5. what a beautiful morning walk ( even with a naughty dog!) , your area looks so inviting. Hope it isnt too hot for you today, enjoy refashioning

  6. Hello dear Sherry
    Maggie looks like she's actually smiling. Seems like she got away with something : )
    I wish I could have been walking with you. Sounds like you had a very peaceful walk. I hope you found your "spunk" since we all have lost it lately. I know I have.
    I'm trying to put a post together, but my mom has been a day by day ordeal. She's so frail.
    So look out for a little update.
    I've (and my boys and hubby) have been working hard in the yard. It seems like summer will be gone before I get to enjoy it ; (
    Sending you hugs.

  7. Oh, Maggie has me fooled... she only looks very sweet and innocent :)


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