Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SSS ~ Sewing Summer Skirts

What's on the cutting board:

I've used my blogging break for a sewing session.
I love wearing skirts, especially in the spring and summer with knit tops and sandals.
Well, I love them in the winter and fall too with sweaters and tights.

I have a favorite pattern that I make most of my skirts by and I'm always sorry when I veer from it (which means I don't/can't wear what I make).

I use a pattern I've had for many years and that I've altered to fit my petite, curvy proportions.
It's a very simple A-Line style with a side zipper and no waistband.
I sometimes change it up by adding pockets or pleats.

So, with my own tailor-made pattern I don't know why I even try another pattern.

Here's the latest three fabrics I've been working with.

I've learned that lined skirts are the way to go because I don't have to wear slips with them.
I buy bedsheets when I find them at thrift stores or yard sales.
They make the best linings because they've usually been washed many times and are so very soft and comfy and can be bought for around $1.
And I can make five or six linings out of one sheet!  Very economical.

Here's a sampling of my skirts ~ all made from the same pattern.

Check out an older blog post on my skirts here.
I've gotta get up and get busy now.
I'm getting ready for a camping trip.
Sweet hubby and I are taking a loooong weekend and spending a little time for rest and relaxation ~ and attending a play, and a little fishing, and a little shopping ...

I'll be posting pictures of my new skirts as soon as our rainy weather clears up and I can get photos made. 

I leave you with a picture of my kindred spirit.  She always wears A-Line skirts too.  :)


  1. How much would you charge to make skirts if the fabric was sent to you?

  2. Darla,

    I'm honored that you want me to sew for you. I haven't sewn for the public in a long time for the simple fact that it makes me nervous. I'm always scared I won't please someone. (I'm such a people-pleaser. :)

    But I've had several people ask me to make them skirts lately, so I am thinking about it. I'll let you know if I decide to go for it.

  3. I believe you should seriously consider giving it a go... I have four daughters and we love wearing light weight dresses and skirts in the summer as we live in Florida. I'll pray about it with you.

  4. You have inspired me! I am going to Hancock's tomorrow- you looked so cute when you did your fashions a couple of weeks ago!What was your original pattern? If you go into business I am a size 8. : ) What play are you seeing? I am so jealous you are going camping! Have a great time! Maybe it won't rain!It has turned cool over here in Rome. Angela

  5. Wow! You look Wonderful in your "private label"D...The best you can get...Made in USA by Yourself...Yeah...for you! I can sew a straight line..."D barely..D:, so I think you are a Tylish Lady...But Also, a Talented Lady..You should be very proud of yourself...!
    Hope your having a Wonderful time with your husband on your lovely first getaway in Glamping Style..
    Can't wait to see some pics of the fishing, and shopping trips...See Ya when you get back...

  6. So cute, Sherry! Nothing better than a cute, cotton skirt on a hot summer day:)


  7. WOW you made all those?? I'm very impressed Sherry.
    Have fun camping my friend. Enjoy and savour every detail.

  8. I love your skirts. I've made a couple of attempts at making a skirt for myself, but precision is not one of my strong points, so thus far I've not seen very good results. haha
    Enjoy your getaway!

  9. Have a wonderful time camping!!
    I love your skirts--I am starting to get interested in them a bit for summer. My big sewing project is my dress for the wedding!! got all the fabric--I'm combining 3 patterns to get exactly what i want.

  10. Wow Sherry, I love those fabrics. You could take tees and embellish with leftover fabric to match!

  11. I love your skirts! I've been looking for some kind of basic pattern because I could live in skirts in the summer. The length of these is perfect--not too long, not too short. So cute!


  12. Love the skirts, what a great idea for the linings. You have inspired me to start making some for myself. Last night I took my daughter to Target to look for a skirt for her and she couldn't find anything she liked. So, I may just be sewing for her too!!


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