Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dealing with Disappointment

My inner giggly girl (Little Sherry) wasn't so giggly this morning. She is disappointed because something she had been looking forward to very much was called off. She just wanted to stay in bed this dark foggy morning.

But I talked her into getting up and making the best of things. So we got dressed and shared breakfast with Neil before sending him off to work. Then, longing for a smiling face, I went into the bathroom and put on a little makeup. I was giving myself such a big smile that those old doldrums just started dropping away.

Now, with laundry in the washer, supper in the Crock Pot, and my floors all swept and mopped, I pulled out a fun library book that I've already had for three weeks but haven't used, and showed it to Little Sherry.  I told her not to be sad, that we could have fun today with our book and colored pencils.  And guess what?  She cheered right up!

Colored Pencil by Eileen Sorg

The book's pages are full of happy, bright colors!

And just look at the many fun projects we can choose from!

Everything looks rosier already.
Brilliant sun rays have dried up the fog and are beaming through the trees in my backyard.

I'm so glad I climbed out of bed this morning and decided to look at the bright side of life.

Paint by number done by me

Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4


  1. When I was a kindergarten teacher, I used to love to color with the kids. It was so soothing. Haven't done that in a long time. Now I just pick up my hook and yarn and I'm happy as a clam. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  2. Oh Sherry, sounds like a day that didn't start off well, but ended with a bang, Char

  3. You sure know how to pull it all together dear Sherry.
    I've come to never expect, because expectations can come crashing down.
    Glad your day was brighter with a little colour in it.

  4. Awwww, Sherry.. Glad you're feeling a little better now. This book looks really nice! I used to LOVE to draw when I was a kid, and still I'll doodle a little, once in a blue moon... But if I had a book like this, I'm sure I could muster up some motivation! Have fun with it! ~tina

  5. Post some of your art!!!! I need to check out that library book :D I am working on a notebook project, and I need help with colored pencils.

  6. Good Morning, Sherry! Art has the power to lift our spirits and nurture our souls, doesn't it? That book looks wonderful. I love that paint by number you did. Have a lovely weekend! Twyla

  7. Sherry I love your paint by number it is so beautiful...I am glad that your inner girl cheered up.... have a wonderful Mothers Day


  8. Hi Sherry, this book looks wonderful, such great art and colours, I hope you have lots of sunny days from now on x


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